Travel Tips – How to Find Cheap Hotels and Airfares

Traveling and hotels

There are many different factors to consider when traveling, including price, cancellation policy, and amenities. You should also consider whether you will be sharing a room or will have your own space. Some hotels will even have the ability to deliver food to your room. The more you know before booking, the better. In addition, make sure to check out OTAs and discount deals.

Cancellation policies

There are several hotels and travel providers that allow you to make alterations to your reservation after booking. Some of these providers even waive the individual cancellation fee. Make sure you read their cancellation policies before you book.


There are a few ways to get discounted hotels and airfares. One is to travel in off-season, especially to destinations that experience heavy crowds during peak seasons. Many hotels will slash rates and throw in extras to fill the rooms. Beach resorts, for example, are most affordable after spring break, while business hotels can offer discounts for booking online. Many hotel websites will even send out e-mails offering special promotions. However, remember that these are usually non-refundable rates.

Booking in advance

Planning a trip is easier when you book your hotel rooms ahead of time. By doing so, you avoid last minute hassles and delays, and you can be sure that you will get the room that you want.


Hoteliers can benefit from OTAs by improving their visibility, reducing the number of unbooked rooms, and increasing revenue, especially during off-peak periods. In addition, they can reinforce their brands, which can increase revenue.

Penn State employees

Penn State employees travel and stay in hotels for work purposes. The university is currently working with Scholar Hotel Group to provide these services to staff. Its employees must follow state regulations regarding meal plans. It is unclear how long staff will have to stay in one of the hotels.

Booking through a travel agent

Travel agents offer a number of services that can save you a significant amount of money. They can book flights and hotels, as well as car rentals. In addition, they can often get last-minute deals from hotels and other companies that are not able to sell their inventory.

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