How to Navigate Relationships


Relationships are an evolved biological need. They can be healthy or toxic. There are various ways to navigate them and find the best one for you. Relationships can also be mutually beneficial. The key to finding a healthy relationship is to be aware of what you want from your partner. Relationships are more than just a romantic or platonic relationship – they are also a crucial aspect of our survival.

They can be toxic

A toxic relationship is one that leaves both parties feeling emotionally drained. This may be a result of constant anxiety and fear of being judged. It’s exhausting and scary to live your life on edge. Relationships are supposed to make you feel secure and confident, not leave you uncertain.

They can be mutually beneficial

In a mutually beneficial relationship, both partners gain from one another. The relationship does not involve sex, total dependency, or emotional needs, but instead serves to enhance both partners’ lives. Moreover, mutually beneficial relationships are a good choice for people of any age, position, or life style.

They can be damaging

Relationships are an important part of our lives, but they can be damaging, too. Healthy relationships promote growth and mutual respect, while unhealthy ones are driven by control and compromise. Relationships with toxic partners may be dangerous, especially during major life events.

They can be dangerous

When relationships turn negative, it’s vital to take steps to avoid them. Negative relationships often contain co-dependency, insecurity, immaturity, or other issues. These issues can lead to relationship breakdowns or even abuse.

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