How Technology Is Changing the Way We Think About Fashion


Observation patterns are a tool used by trend forecasters in order to determine what fashion trends will be popular in the future. This helps to determine the target market and the style of clothing that will appeal to them.

Observation patterns help trend forecasters know what their target market needs

Observation patterns help trend forecasters identify what their target market is looking for in fashion. They are based on consumer habits, street style, and influencers. The information is then classified into a particular category and tagged for an appropriate price point.

In the past, trend forecasters studied data from fashion shows, magazines, blogs, and social media. This information was used to create a “template” for future trends. This information was then presented to designers. They used it to make decisions about which garments would have the most impact on their target markets. These decisions helped to streamline the design process.

Technological influences in the realm of fashion

Whether it’s artificial intelligence (AI) or social media, technology is a big part of our lives. From the smart phones and the internet to the new and improved clothing, the technology is changing the way we think about fashion. Technology has made it possible to make clothing rip proof, charge devices, and even make a fashion statement. This has led to a flurry of innovation, with many designers taking advantage of the political climate in the US in 2016.

There’s a reason why a lot of people are taking advantage of wearable technology to enhance their comfort. Technology has also revolutionized how we communicate. In the past, you had to write a letter or use a phone to convey information. This has all changed in the past 20 years.

American designers turned their Americanness into an asset

During the Second World War, American fashion designers gained promotional support from the industry’s leaders. They were able to take their fashion designs to the world stage. However, they faced material restrictions, as Germany occupied the country.

These designers took an alternative approach to French dressmaking, combining practical materials with do-it-yourselfism. This ushered in an era of layering and separates, as well as separates that could be mixed and matched.

The New American Look was based on cultural symbol making, rather than traditional fashion craftsmanship. The aesthetic model was carried by designers, musicians, and reality stars.

Fast fashion

‘Fast fashion’ is a term used to describe clothing that is produced at a cheap rate, usually in large volumes. These garments are often not ethically made and can have an adverse impact on the environment.

It also has a negative impact on the garment workers. They may face dangerous working conditions and are not properly paid. The workers may also be exposed to harmful chemicals and caustic materials.

The fashion industry is also responsible for a large amount of pollution. The industry accounts for about ten percent of the global CO2 emissions.

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